Think About You (Prod. by I75 Beatz)

by Willy The Poet

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First single of the new, yet to be titled, EP


Long time ago I fell in love,
Wit this certain girl, her character was oh so rough.
Then I looked at the guys she thought we’re all right.
So then them guys was who I wanted to be like.
But then I found out, it’s easier being yourself.
I want to try to make you feel the same as I felt.
And I was mesmerized by her beauty and her toughness.
Got me dreaming what it would be like if we were lovers.
But I got to share you with so many guys.
Also a lot of girls got their eyes on the prize.
I know your history and your father he was Kool.
Then Afrika helped you with developing too.
Eventually you got known all over the globe.
Not all the guys with you were that good to you though.
I asked you can I walk with you, she said: ‘Ok’.
But there ain’t no half steppin’ boy, walk this way.


Later on you started hanging around them thugs.
It worried me a bit seeing you around the guns and drugs.
But they treated you with respect, didn’t mess around.
And when you were in danger they would hold you down.
The government got scared of you and even try to banish.
You, but how hard they tried you simply wouldn’t vanish.
You hung around in New York, then went to L.A.,
You flew to Atlanta, then flew to the bay.
First everyone respected that you had so many lovers.
Then they tried to set them all up against each other.
A couple of them died, and you got sad and cried.
And still to this day, you think about them every night.
Now it’s 2014, and you’re more famous than ever.
And even though you’re so much older I want us to be together.
And I don’t give a damn that I must share you with the world.
I just want to see you and call you my baby girl.


I just want you to notice me, let me be found,
Couple guys told me that you are living underground.
And that the girl in the magazines really isn’t you.
I do not believe that, but a lot of people do.
But some confuse you with some of your younger sisters.
Wherever you may be, all the good things I wish ya.
There are sometimes they claim it’s you when it really isn’t.
But that’s because you have so much power in our system.
But when I search long enough, I find the real you.
And I certainly won’t forget the things you went through.
And I will pay homage to the ones who were before me.
The guys that are with you through adversity and glory.
And you made them famous, I will name a couple names.
Kendrick Lamar, Nasir Jones, Big Daddy Kane.
I will ride or die with you to the end of my life.
And whoever I will marry, you will be my first wife.


released December 10, 2014
Lyrics written by Willy The Poet, Beat by I75 Beatz, mixed and mastered by DJ VH1



all rights reserved


Willy The Poet Middelburg, The Netherlands

Conscious MC, storyteller, and occasionally making a beat, I just want to make the world a better place to live in.

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